Ideas and Pain-Points

Lush Labs

Lush Labs is an internal Lush Concepts initiative dedicated to satisfying our curiosity and need for exploration through design sprints. These design sprints largely involve experimenting with tech ideas. Say hello to Listenly, a concept born from our most recent session.

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Office Oddities

When I started at Lush Concepts in October, I had a lot of questions. Some of them - where do I sit, where is the coffee, how the heck do you do that keyboard shortcut on a Mac - were answered easily enough. Some things I found in the office, however, utterly defied explanation. In my short time at Lush, I have stumbled across a series of mysteries about my new working space. In this post, I’ll be showing you some of them, and attempting to impose meaning on the obviously unfathomable.

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Introducing Our New Logo

Lush Concepts is a technology studio that provides strategy, development and prototyping for brands, agencies, and startups.

The name “Lush Concepts” came out of the desire to provide more than just production and development solutions to our clients. We solve business problems within traditional digital media and emerging platforms. We help companies innovate and differentiate themselves.

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Week 290

Happy summer! July has come in like a big, soggy lion. As Monday was of course Recovering from Pride Canada Day, it’s been a short week but a busy one.

Here’s what we’ve been up to — and in a new twist, what we’ve each been listening to. In honour of the week’s holiday, Canadian content will be helpfully designated with an asterisk*.

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Week 289

Well it’s another grey, rainy week outside. But not to worry - there’s a steady thrum of activity inside the office. So put away Monopoly, let your tea cool off, and pull up a chair for the Week 289 recap.

As the last person to call “not it” this week, I’ll be your faithful—if unreliable—narrator. The ceremony for taking the job was quite extravagant. There was cake, people on stilts, and a literal torch-passing (I still don’t know why we have a torch at the office). And before I was loosed on this here interblog, the always encouraging Russell handed down his most sagely wisdom:

“289 is 17 squared”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, big guy.

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Week 288

My first week at Lush.

As the new face around here, I volunteered to write the second weekly blog retrospective. There was no gentle introduction and time to settle in. The first week was spent familiarizing myself with essentials, including learning how to use the coffee machine, where they hide the pencil sharpeners, and how to keep track of which Adam is which.

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Week 287

Largely Completely inspired by BERG—a design consultancy that I admire from back home in England—I’m kicking off what I hope will be a weekly retrospective post. If anything, it’s an opportunity for every willing member of the team to hone their writing chops (we’ll be rotating penmanship duties), and keep anyone out there who’s following apprised of recent happenings at Lush HQ. I also find the act of reflection a useful tool in aiding awareness; it’s the answer to that question … Just what exactly did we achieve, learn, and stumble through this past week?

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Cambridge Arts Festival 2013: The Well

Recently Lush had the opportunity to develop a series of interactive exhibits for the Cambridge Arts Festival in Cambridge, Ontario. As well as local art and crafts and a big music and dance lineup, the event has taken on a DIY and “Maker” bent in recent years, and we jumped at the chance to take part.

One of our exhibits we called the Well. Written in Processing 2, the Well uses a Microsoft Kinect motion controller to project a 3D image of a visitor, allowing them to push and pull a virtual surface simply by moving around in front of the screen. The visuals are accompanied by synthesized sound under MIDI control.

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Gearing Up for CAF

Tomorrow is the Cambridge Arts Festival! The LUSH TEAM has been working on 4 interactive installation art/music pieces over the last month (look for more in depth showcases in the coming weeks). If you’re wondering what you would look like as a 3D nebula floating through space or would like to alter a surrealist landscape through the beat of a drum pad, feel free to stop by and say hello.

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