Week 288

My first week at Lush.

As the new face around here, I volunteered to write the second weekly blog retrospective. There was no gentle introduction and time to settle in. The first week was spent familiarizing myself with essentials, including learning how to use the coffee machine, where they hide the pencil sharpeners, and how to keep track of which Adam is which.

Here’s what I learned this week:

  1. I have a terrible memory. This isn’t learned so much as reinforced every time I meet new people, but it’s a convenient explanation for my embarrassing mistakes mixing up everyone’s names.
  2. Always return the washroom key.
  3. Don’t touch Russell’s bike.
  4. The remote control helicopter is more durable than it looks. It’s tiny, light and looks pretty fragile but after a few violent crashes, it’s still in one piece – clearly an engineering marvel.
  5. Nutritional requirements are lax on Fridays. Case in point: lunch at Dangerous Dan’s Diner, where the special lunch is the coronary burger special (two 8 oz patties with four slices of bacon, two slices of cheddar and a fried egg on top – recommended for medicinal cannabis users!) and the views are of Jilly’s strip club.

In slightly more serious news, we have all been busy on work-related work this week.

In this week’s recap:

I have been assigned to build the user experience for a new microsite and I’m excited to see it go from a few scribbles to fancy user flow charts to clean wireframes.

Ryan has been walking around the office brandishing a leftover Halloween sword, cranking Pilotpriest on high volume and working on some top-secret designs for a client. He also oversaw the kickoff of not one, two, three or four but FIVE new projects this week, ranging in size from large-scale to micro-mini scale. When not busy with business development, he has been gifting banana protectors to his appreciative staff.

Dave has been working on solving the mysteries of the world. He won’t divulge anything else so we’ll have to wait and see what genius discoveries he makes.

Edwin has been working on the third paper prototype of the Lush iPad app and is getting ready to test it out next week. He’s also been helping me out with wireframes and a site map for a new website that we are building.

Adam, whose mustard-yellow pants matched the colour of his hamburger fixings, has been playing with Ember.js and MongoDB this week. Right now he’s working on a little dashboard that report on the developers’ activities in Bitbucket: which projects are the most active, how many commits the developers are making, and who is making the most (or the least) commits. The key feature of the dashboard will be a picture of Russell wagging his finger at the unlucky soul with the least number of commits.

Matt and Jon finishing up their sassy little CoffeeScript app from last week and doing some fun technical stuff with Marionette and RequireJS. It’s almost ready for launch, which makes both of them very happy. Matt is also working on some video production stuff recapping the Lush team’s fabulous time at the Cambridge Arts Festival.

Lawton is working on a WordPress website redesign for a recruiter. It’s his first production website and he is absolutely excited about getting into some PHP.

Meanwhile Jon had a battle with some errant code – a little piece of wonkiness that he called “the most hideous browser bug that I’ve ever seen in my life.” It came to a draw and Jon is still losing sleep over it.

Alejandro, the resident mojito maker, is closing off one of the most recent Rails apps, a cute little kids game and incorporates some Flash designs. He’s also been wrapping some QA testing on a zippy little shopping cart for another Rails project.

Eli is working on a Facebook app and continuing to do the write up on the Cambridge Arts Festival.

Meanwhile, Russell claims he can’t remember much of his week but he’s promised it will end with mojitos for all.