Week 289

Well it’s another grey, rainy week outside. But not to worry - there’s a steady thrum of activity inside the office. So put away Monopoly, let your tea cool off, and pull up a chair for the Week 289 recap.

As the last person to call “not it” this week, I’ll be your faithful—if unreliable—narrator. The ceremony for taking the job was quite extravagant. There was cake, people on stilts, and a literal torch-passing (I still don’t know why we have a torch at the office). And before I was loosed on this here interblog, the always encouraging Russell handed down his most sagely wisdom:

“289 is 17 squared”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, big guy.

We were graced with the presence of two very esteemed guests this week.

First we had Andrew Lovett-Barron (@readywater) the multi-pan-inter-disiplinary founder of Relay Studio, a UX design and research studio. He came in to discuss what it’s like designing experiences for public spaces.

Also on the docket this week, we met with Anna Oguienko, who’s a creative coder, generative artist, and creator of the remarkable and trippy WURM app.

I’ve been doing my best self-important producer impression, booking equipment and making schedules for an upcoming video that you’ll all get to see soon.

Adam has been working away at a new Rails social media prototype, which evidently involves neither books nor faces. While he’s not cracking away at that, he’s been doing research on the best way to wear two pairs of Oakley sunglasses simultaneously. Initial attempts have been both hilarious and disastrous.

Edwin, our resident UX wizard, has been casting some sort of arcane spell that he cryptically refers to as “wireframes”. What a wacky name.

Elysse, in addition to also working away at the UX dark arts, is proud to report full competency in differentiating between people named Adam. She is celebrating by issuing AtTask tickets. Hey, whatever rows your boat.

Alejandro has been juggling a number of PHP builds, Rails updates, and documentation writing. All this while undoubtedly recovering from Mojito Friday last week, because making eleven mojitos at the same time is no small task. He’s been monitoring his vital signs with a FitBit Flex just in case. Breaking: the weekly Mojito Friday tradition now extends into its second week. That FitBit is gonna be put through its paces.

Speaking of recuperation, Jon has been fiddling around with some CSS tutorials from the folks at Peepcode as a respite from QAing our latest (and apparently “sexy”) CoffeeScript app. And since there’s no such thing as perfect, he’s been working on rebuilding the tutorial code better, faster, stronger, and compatible with Internet Explorer.

The Development Strongman known only as Eli has managed to build an entire Facebook contest solo while standing on his head and dribbling a basketball. I’ve no idea what supplements he’s taking, but I’ll have what he’s having.

Presumably excited by the announcement of iOS 7, Dave is now elbow deep in learning the intricacies of iOS development. No one’s quite sure what he’s building, but he’s told us it will revolutionize not only gaming, but the entire internet. Nobody wants to tell him that FarmVille is already a thing.

Russell, not to be outdone, has started work on his own iOS game of a highly-stylized mountain rescue. If it doesn’t involve mountain goats, I’m not interested. He’s also somehow found time to juggle his other work. His home-cooked recipe is, and I quote: “Blend 2 cups of technical recommendations, a bushel of project management, a sprinkling of whiteboarding sessions, and a squirt of resourcing, and you’ll have a taste of what I’ve been up to”. I tried the recipe and ended up with a surprisingly decent mushroom risotto, so your mileage may vary.

What’s better than WordPress? Responsive WordPress. Lawton (aka Bizzaro Adam/L-Unit/What’s His Face/Murphy Brown) has been dutifully shoving some responsiveness into one of our WordPress masterpieces, like cramming a muffin into a CD drive. Being the resident intern, that’s actually his next assignment.

Lord Commander Ryan is flush with scheduling and proposals for summer projects. At this point he’s giving the phrase “chicken with its head cut off” a run for its money. As if that weren’t enough, his 3-game shutout streak continues unabated, and I’m told that those words constitute a real thing that many people get excited about. Way to do the thing with the Hockey! (writing this paragraph caused my Canadian citizenship to get revoked)

That’s all that’s fit to print, folks. Thanks for reading, and see you next week. Stay classy.