Week 290

Happy summer! July has come in like a big, soggy lion. As Monday was of course Recovering from Pride Canada Day, it’s been a short week but a busy one.

Here’s what we’ve been up to — and in a new twist, what we’ve each been listening to. In honour of the week’s holiday, Canadian content will be helpfully designated with an asterisk*.

This week we wrapped principal photography (we’ve always wanted to say that) on a series of short videos we’re working on. Director Matt spent a day gathering and setting up gear, two long nights recording interviews with our team, and two more days watching progress bars as his machine chugged through gigs upon gigs of footage. In the meantime, he’s starting a blog that rates gaffer tape by flavour. His music pick of the week is CHVRCHES.

Alejandro’s been working on a fun photo app for a tech company, Ruby on Rails supporting a Flash frontend. His soundtrack: Portugal, the Man.

In the land of the Front End, responsive is the order of the day. Jon’s doing some more research on responsive CSS3, quoting on a mobile education app, and cranking up the Joel Plaskett Emergency*.

Adam L’s been hard at work on a couple of responsive WordPress sites, and when I say hard at work, I’m talking all-nighter. He’s at home now taking a well-deserved nap.

Dave too has been busy in WordPressland, working on a site for an architectural firm. He recommends the Inception soundtrack and, not to be outdone in the “V instead of U” department, this mix of “DRVGS” by DVBBS*.

Work on the Lush capabilities app continues apace, with Adam F and Edwin both at work on the prototype. Edwin’s got a working iPad prototype running using proto.io. His tunage this week: Enter the Wu-Tang and Grimes*. Adam’s been streamlining our testing procedures, while Groovesharking to electro and prog house.

Elysse is hard at work on wireframes for a big mobile project to the strains of the Decemberists and the Orange Peels.

In addition to quoting on projects and meeting with a couple of intriguing new startups, Ryan’s been kicking it old school with a bit of character animation in Flash, and finalizing the new Lush logo! Amidst all that craziness, Ryan soothes himself with tunes from The Album Leaf and a whole lotta Pilotpriest*.

Russell’s been keeping a steady hand on the development tiller, making sure our various projects run smoothly, and diving in to ReactiveCocoa for possible use on our upcoming iOS projects. The hardiest of our diehard cycling contingent, he’s hooked on Strava, a GPS run/cycle tracking app. Topping his office playlist this week is Mux Mool.

As for me, the Facebook contest I’ve been working on is all but out the door, and that’s left me some time to delve back into creative coding. I’m getting familiar with C++, and porting some of my old code to openFrameworks, which brings a lot of the graphics and simulation-related goodness of Processing to native apps. For accompaniment: local electro-boy Coins*.

Our drink of the week is the Dark ’n’ Stormy — selected last week by Russell, who apparently has some Druidic ability to predict the weather via cocktails.

And that’s it from here. Catch you all next week!