Introducing Our New Logo

Lush Concepts is a technology studio that provides strategy, development and prototyping for brands, agencies, and startups.

The name “Lush Concepts” came out of the desire to provide more than just production and development solutions to our clients. We solve business problems within traditional digital media and emerging platforms. We help companies innovate and differentiate themselves.

Our focus is to bring balanced and interdisciplinary expertise to our work. Our new logo represents the systematic approach we value in our design and development process to create projects we can be proud of.

Logo inspiration

Comprised of 128 triangles, an isometric grid was used to generate the logo form. The vertical diamond shape creates the silhouette of a leaf with a selection of segments on the grid being used to define a single vein, and the leaf’s midrib.

A tall modern san-serif font was selected to balance the vertical diamond leaf. The stroke within the N creates visual interest and is characteristic of the vein within the leaf form.